Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I must apologize for not updating in a few days. Things have been utterly chaotic!
This is the first time in two days I have been on my laptop more than five minutes.
Charlie has been doing okay. He is gaining weight very well. (13lbs, 10ozs) He is eating very well, but he has been pretty crabby and spitting up a bit lately. I am wondering if he is teething. I know I keep saying that, but for some reason I can't make myself believe my almost 4 month old is teething. He is sleeping well, and his meds and feeds are on a great schedule.
Addison is doing okay with her ear infections. She has been having quite a bit of accidents and tantrums though I am sure it is for attention. I feel terrible that most of my attention goes to Charlie these days, but she is so self-sufficient that I rely on her to pee by herself and eat by herself, not regress in the fashion she has been. It's understandable though. The stress is taking its toll on her as well.
Stress has been taking its toll on me badly. Between arguing with Tim and now arguing with his mother, I am so fed up with everyone. I am starting to feel as if I should worry about my children and ignore everyone else. It's not worth the stress of maintaining superficial relationships with people who don't have my children's or my best interest at heart. I just want to be happy and want my children to be happy, and it seems impossible. This is a topic in which I could rant on and on and on about, but I won't.
Well, folks, I have dinner to make, baths to give, a house to clean, and children to put to sleep! A mother's work is never finished! Update on my slower day - tomorrow.

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