Saturday, April 21, 2012

One Month Post Op Echo

Yesterday, we traveled back to Children's Hospital in Boston for Charles's one month post op/follow-up for murmur echocardiogram. He also had an EKG. We met with Dr. Rhodes right after. He told us there was significant improvement in Charlie's heart function!! <3 <3 <3
He said the murmur is going away. Charlie's liver isn't even enlarged anymore. His EKG came back okay, and they are happy with how it looks since he's been off the amiodarone although they are starting him on another med for it. They told us we can pick Charlie up under the arms and let him do belly time. He can now start cereal and whatnot. He is gaining weight very well. He is now 13lbs, 5ozs. It was a very good visit. He is scheduled to go back May 3rd. Sometime next week a company will come by to set up the Holter monitor.
I stopped by the social security building since he was temporarily approved. They needed paperwork, but it was so hot in there with no a/c and nowhere to sit with him, and he was getting hungry and due for meds so I decided to go home and go back Monday.
I got Charlie's tattoo yesterday. It came out so well. I love it.
There isn't much else to update about since it is only the morning so I will be sure to update later or tomorrow.