Wednesday, May 2, 2012

4 Month Check Up

Charlie went for his four month check up today. He gained a pound and a half since last week! His lungs sounds great. The pediatrician could hear a murmur. Other than that, he is doing very well. He rolled over this morning for the first time! He was trying to do it again at the office, but he kept getting stuck on his arm! lol She was very impressed with him grabbing his feet and a few other things he has been doing. We discussed lowering him to 22 calorie formula since his weight is climbing steadily. We have to talk to Dr. Rhodes tomorrow when we go to South Shore to see him. We will get the results of his Holter EKG, and he will have another EKG and echo tomorrow. Hopefully, he has more improvement. I am trying to stay positive, but it seems as if the more active he becomes, the more out of breath and tired he becomes. He has been doing very lousy with bottles today compared to how well he has been doing the past week or so.
Early Intervention came yesterday for his assessment. They were amazed at his social skills, but they were concerned with his fine motor skills. How ironic that the day after the assessment, he starts grabbing toys more and rolling over and whatnot. He is too much. <3
I have to clean the house since it's been a busy, busy week. I will definitely update tomorrow after his appointment at South Shore.

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